Weekend Projects

I love to make things new and buying a 20 year old house gives me plenty of opportunities to create some new spaces. I finally took the time to do a quick weekend remodel of my half -master bathroom. This is the small toilet room in the bath. When we bought this house 3 years ago it had very dated striped wallpaper. There have been so many other projects taking priority over the gold wallpaper including graduations and moving kids to and from college that I finally just seized a long holiday weekend to take over the room.

I searched Pinterest like all good “DIY-ers” and found what seemed like a reasonable and simple way to paint over the wallpaper versus removing it. I used joint compound to cover all the seams, then sanded them down once dry. This was BY FAR the worst part of the project. No DIY site I found prepared me for the backlash of dust that would cover me for the next 4 days and then settle over every inch of my bathroom. Then creep through the door jams to cover my bedroom furniture as well! It took multiple washings of my hair to get all the dust out!

After that I used Kilz Primer to paint over the sanded walls and prepare them to be painted.  I was using Sherwin Williams, Black Magic interior egg shell paint for the walls so having well prepared walls was a must.

I was inspired by a few chic, hotel bathrooms I saw online so I went with a bold color choice. Color scheme in my master bedroom and bath is all neutrals including black, grey, tan, gold, and mercury glass. I am pretty happy with the outcome and especially love that I didn’t have to remove any wallpaper in this process. The lighting isn’t great in these pictures but you can get the idea. It has made a huge difference.

I found my art at Z Gallerie and then went shopping for accent pieces. I just LOVE the little gold table with white marble top we found! I added a little faux graphite and wax finish to the concrete pot to give it a little more contrast and then some touches of gold leaf to the aloe plant pot. I couldn’t help myself…I always seem to find a way to add more gold or faux finish to everything now that I found Annie Sloane Chalk Paint!

Now, back to Pinterest to search for my next project and room remodel. I’ll just need another holiday weekend! 😉



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